About you.
Because you’re creating the change. 

That’s right. If D2C has made life easier for the world around us, it’s because of the vision of bold venturers like you. That’s why we decided to equip you with all the things that you need on your journey – so that you can focus on the one thing you want: sales.

About us. Our story and how we wrote it around you.

Born in 2015 as Rhyzome Studio, we collaborated with legacy brands and emerging startups alike to shape their online presence. We realised we had a gift for understanding our clients’ vision and making it a reality. That’s when Big Bang Commerce was born. This is our story.


Where it all began

Roshni and Vish met at Apple India for the first time as sales consultants. They were both inspired by the principles of design and tech employed by Johnny Ive and Steve Jobs.


Making the move

The duo moved out of Apple and began freelancing. Vish deep-dived into understanding how sales and tech can be scaled via eCommerce, while Roshni got down to practically applying design tech into instructional design modules with companies like Estee Lauder Companies and Sofitel Hotels.


A new journey

They co-founded Rhyzome Studio to see how far their Apple foundations could take them in the real world. They dabbled in multiple streams like celebrity management and PR, social media, digital marketing and website development.


Ahead of the curve

Along the way, they met some amazing team members and collaborators. They realised the power of the internet and the impending wave of D2C eCommerce, shifting focus and putting together a team for designing and delivering eCommerce stores.


An idea is born

While business flowed in thanks to their network and long-standing client relationships, Vish and Roshni knew that something was amiss. They realised that the platforms built for these websites were difficult to manage for clients. This triggered a search and experiment for the best platform for eCommerce brands. Months later, the verdict was clear. Shopify was hands down the best platform for D2C brands.


Leap of faith

It took a bold leap to bring niche Shopify expertise to the studio. COVID ensued, and our bet paid off when business as we knew it halted and everyone scrambled for a new online channel. In the midst of one of history’s biggest turmoils, we had the opportunity of working with incredible brands and business owners who gained at the end.


Big Bang Commerce is here

New goals, new capabilities, new opportunities. We realised that an old name and means would just not cut it. We took things head-on and rebranded ourselves from Rhyzome Studio to Big Bang Commerce.

What we do.
To build you up.

We build, launch and grow Shopify stores that enable eCommerce businesses like yours to stand tall with mega marketplaces. By giving your online shop the power of personalisation and a powerful customer experience, we’re giving independent brands a fair chance to compete with the biggies. 

You could call us a startup. An early-stage tech company. The new kid at the

intersection of personalisation and eCommerce. All we need you to know is that we’re here for you, because the future’s D2C, and so are we.


Why we do it.
Because you deserve it.

D2C business owners often have to take rocky roads – with giant e-commerce marketplaces gobbling up independent shops. Their size keeps them notches ahead in price, shipping speed, and generic reproductions. They even commoditise things that once used to be special, handmade, or backed by a brand people cared about. 

With your store, we give you a chance to narrate your story your way and build an audience for your brand. We bring you the tools to connect with your customers and battle it out online. We’ve got all the chops you need to present your product in a genuine and meaningful manner to your customers, giving them a real chance to connect with you. Why? Because you’re solving their problems, with heart. 

How we do.
By keeping you at the heart.

D2C is a revolution waiting in the wings. And we know one thing about revolutions. That one spark is enough to light up the change. We believe that you are that spark. Whether you’re selling soaps or jewellery, food or shoes, we know that each of you has the fire to go far. 

So we bring our best Shopify chops to the table so that you can take your sales dream where you want it to be. All this, while being obsessed with making your growth as easy and seamless as we can.


What makes us tick. You, of course.

We know that the D2C playground is a tough one. We also know that we can go far with a ton of grit, hard work and a very strong sense of ethics. So you’ll always find us real, honest and laser-focused. 


Customers First

Your brand should always grow the way you want it. We place the needs and desires of our customers first. No second way about it.


Passion for solutions

We find incredible joy in problem-solving. Every time a project throws a challenge at us, we go all out to see what can come of it.


Love for process

There is no complex problem that a studied step-by-step process cannot solve. So we put our heads together and apply our proven process to find the best way out of a maze.


Built on relationships

Our work thrives because we’re able to create trusted spaces where people can bring their whole selves—authentic and diverse crew, clients and communities.



If we are to go for the long run, we’ll only keep going when we’re real, grounded and tell it like it is. No burdens. Nothing to hide.


All In

We play to win. We act with conviction and perseverance. We don’t half-ass anything. Both cheeks are firmly committed.


Team Work

Start-ups are like an orchestra, every player brings in their tune. We seek to achieve true melody; the feeling of near-perfect synchronisation of motion. One team, one song.


On the ball

As a tech company, it’s not just our passion but our responsibility to stay one step ahead of the rapid changes in the industry. We take it seriously

Meet our people

It takes a few bold people to fire many more.


Roshni Khanchandani

Strategy & Content

Crafting compelling brands stories using relevant consumer insights and brand truths is what Roshni does best


Vishwajeet Jana

Ecommerce & UX Strategy

Vish formulates strategy by using his decade long experience of observing consumer behaviour in retail and online stores



UI & UX Designer

A born problem solver, Raisha has an expert knowledge on how to balance concept, execution and user experience



Web & CSS

With code as his first and second language, Anil’s expertise in web technologies is indisputable


This could be you!

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We’ve had an excellent experience with Vish, Roshni and the entire Rhyzome team. From clarity, communication and adhering to timelines - they excel in all.

They understood our design requirements and translated them to a website we love. They’re helpful and accessible even once the website is complete, which is appreciable.

Seven Oral Care, Shopify Development


Vish and his team were super helpful. From a quick turnaround time to after publishing support, they were with us at every step of the way. What I really liked what how the expanded my brand identity onto the website design.

Overall we were very pleased with everything. Thank you so much team.

Mudge, Shopify Development


I had a really smooth experience working with Rhyzome & Vish. The project was completed in the anticipated time frame and I was very. happy with the result!

Overall, I'd highly recommend  Vish and his team to create your website! :slightly_smiling_face:

Games Knight, Shopify Development